2 comments on “Friends and Neighbors Featured Organization | March 2013

  1. We have attempted to let people know about our efforts to assist parents whose children have died. Southeast Christian Church has a group called Encounter that has many groups under its umbrella. Part of Encounter is a group called Grief Recovery. We have three 9-week workshops per year that are a video based class experience. We also have a grief recovery group that meets every Thursday: 52 weeks a year. On the first Thursday of each month we have a specific breakout for parents who have had children die. This is a discussion group, christian based, to help people wade through the the grief and mourning steps. We have participants whose loss happened a month ago up to ten years ago.
    I heard about your group on the radio this evening. If we are able to be of assistance to any of your group, please let me know.
    I am one of ten facilitators that these grief groups have, not as leaders but rather guides to those in deep hurt and sadness.
    At your service, Donald R Grignon

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